Offering a therapeutic approach to helping turn around troubled boys, Prayer Mountain Boys Academy offers life transformation through its 15-month program. – Christian boarding schools and therapeutic boarding schools.
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An Affordable Boarding School for Struggling Boys

Our Program

Prayer Mountain Academy offers life transformation to boys who are struggling with life-impacting behaviors, addictions or attitudes. We desire to see every boy reach his God-given potential. Our program includes a number of elements, but our overall goal is to see boys prepared to transition successfully back to a normal and healthy lifestyle, whether that be college, ministry or the workforce. Ideally, we want to see every young man following God.

Our History

Prayer Mountain is the site of a former church. When the church closed, the 36 acre property was purchased by a local family. The family donated the property to Griffin First Assembly 8 years ago, with the stipulation that it must be used for a drug and alcohol treatment center. Griffin First Assembly teamed up with Florida/Georgia Teen Challenge, and Prayer Mountain Boys Academy was born.

Spiritual Direction and Growth

Our staff are all committed believers in Jesus Christ who model positive choices and the Christian life for the young men, providing mentorship and strong role models. Boys attend chapel services on campus, where they receive Biblical teaching on practical issues. We have a strongly supportive relationship with a local church, which supports the work and ministry of Prayer Mountain and also provides a church home. Boys and staff attend services on Sundays and Wednesdays and participate in missions projects. Boys also work through the Teen Challenge discipleship curriculum as part of the program requirements.

Positive Environment

Positive Peer culture means an environment where making right choices is accepted and encouraged. Boys who have been “following the wrong crowd” into destructive behaviors instead find themselves pushed by their peers toward responsibility, integrity and growth. We reward positive choices. Our campus promotes teamwork and accountability among students as well.

As they progress through the program, boys advance through three levels that govern privileges and indicate progress. To promote a boy to the next level, our staff look for evidence of personal growth in matters of attitude, character and personal conduct. The third and highest level carries with it expectations of and training in leadership skills.

Family Restoration

We desire to see families healed and restored. We invite parents to visit with their son on campus once each month. These family days give families time to restore relationships within the supportive environment on campus. Parents also have the opportunity to spend time with other parents and with our staff and to receive Godly counsel.

Our Covenant to Our Students

  1. We PLEDGE to serve every student with Christ-like compassion, respect and guidance.
  2. We COMMIT to address the needs of students and to assist them in the development of Godly character.
  3. We DEDICATE ourselves to mentor and to nurture meaningful relationships, inspiring hope for the future.

Our Core Values

  1. Integrity – “Living and working with excellence”
  2. Compassion – “Embracing hope, love, and reconciliation”
  3. Community – “Working together and supporting one another”
  4. Vision – “Seeing beyond the present”
  5. Stewardship -“Faithfully managing God’s call and resources”
  6. Faith – “Believing God for the impossible”
  7. Servanthood – “Dedicating ourselves to the success of others”


Healthy Futures

We prepare boys for the future, wherever God may lead them next. In addition to an accredited high school education, we provide training in life skills. We want to see each boy become all that God has created him to be.

Should you need help finding military schools, teen boarding schools, Christian boarding schools or Christian boarding schools, please let us know. This is a Teen Challenge program dedicated to helping troubled boys get a new start in life. We help troubled teenagers who struggle with behavioral issues such as: anger, defiance, attention deficit, drug or alcohol abuse, trouble with the law, dangerous activities, or disrespect for authority. Our boys ranch is a therapeutic program that offers hope and an opportunity for a new and more productive future for at-risk boys. Teen Challenge therapeutic boarding schools provide behavioral therapy for troubled teens.

About Our Therapeutic Boarding School - Prayer Mountain

Offering a therapeutic approach to helping turn around troubled boys, Prayer Mountain Boys Academy offers life transformation through its 15-month program.