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Looking for Christian Boarding Schools for Boys in Idaho? Most May Not Help Your Boy if He is Struggling with Emotional or Behavioral Problems. At Prayer Mountain, We Can and Do Help Troubled Boys!

Looking at a Christian boarding for boys near Idaho? Would you also consider Prayer Mountain Boys Academy, located near Atlanta, Geogia? Much more affordable than most therapeutic programs and schools close to Idaho, our school for boys is designed to help your boy from Idaho make positive changes in his life, academically, behaviorally and spiritually.

Prayer Mountain Boys Academy
A Lower Cost Christian Boarding School for Struggling Boys

Therapeutic ModelPrayer Mountain Boys Academy is dedicated to helping teen boys find victory over life-controlling issues. Families wanting Christian boarding schools prefer Prayer Mountain Boys Academy because of our Christ-centered focus and the caring nature of our program. Everything about our all boys school centers on a relationship with Christ, from our Biblical counseling to the discipleship curriculum we use.

Our residential counseling program lasts 15 months, providing enough time to practice the new skills they have learned. With our campus in Southwestern Georgia, Prayer Mountain Boys Academy offers hope to boys and their families from homes all over the country, including from Idaho.

A Boys Program Developed to Save Teens and Families in Idaho from Heartache

Early intervention boys boarding schools like Prayer Mountain Boys Academy spare teens the worst consequences of the paths they are pursuing. Through counseling, mentorship, and the compassionate care of experienced professional staff, boys have the opportunity to discover a transforming spiritual relationship. Coupled with the academics, and emotional and relational tools we provide, this spiritual foundation equips boys for a positive lifetime of healthy choices.

Prayer Mountain is Where Boys from Idaho Achieve Academic Mastery Without Distractions

Academics at Prayer MountainChristian boarding schools offer a safe place to pursue education, free from many common distractions at public coed junior high and high schools. Those distractions may have helped your teen to slip in his grades and not care about his future. Prayer Mountain Boys Academy is in existence to not only offer strong academics, but also addresses the reasons why academics may have slipped. Boys at Prayer Mountain Boys Academy put their education and their attitudes back on track, guided by our certified teachers and tutors.

A Legacy of Success with Troubled Boys … Among the Best Christian Boarding Schools for Boys in the Nation

boysPrayer Mountain is a troubled teen program and Christian boarding school that is affiliated with Teen Challenge International. We provide counsel to teenage boys, ages 13-17, to help them find their identity in Christ and to fulfill their God-given destiny and purpose. Prayer Mountain stands apart from other Christian boarding schools because we are trained to work with troubled boys. Our communications and dealings with each boy are Christ-centered. Behavior modification is not our purpose, though it does happen through inspiring the boys to make authentic change that will last for a lifetime. Our team is made up of people whose hearts beat for God and for helping the young men He brings to us.

Compared with other all boys boarding schools, including those in Idaho, Prayer Mountain Boys Academy stands out as a result of its association with Teen Challenge. Teen Challenge has one of the highest success rates of any program in the nation, and it has been helping individuals experience transformation for more than 50 years. Its effectiveness has been applauded by national leaders, including Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, and Rev. Billy Graham.

Prayer Mountain Boys Academy is Meant to Bring Boys and their Families from Idaho to a Place of Healing and Restoration

Contrary to boarding schools for boys in Idaho with a primarily educational emphasis, Prayer Mountain Boys Academy has a focus that involves the family as well. The curriculum includes family counseling to teach boys and their parents to heal strained relationships, and also to help parents work on issues in the home and receive Godly parenting help. Prayer Mountain Boys Academy understands that the family aspect plays a major part in the continuing success of the boys enrolled in the program. Putting emphasis on family restoration means that when boys return home to Idaho or elsewhere, they return to a place that is healthy and supportive.

Success in the Classroom Environment with Credits Transferrable Back to Idaho

At Prayer Mountain, your child will be in a secure Christian boarding school setting designed to provide structure, discipline and authentic Christian discipleship. We have one teacher per twelve or fewer students, with a math and science tutor also available. Students work through courses at their own pace under the supervision of a classroom teacher. Education is individualized, allowing each son to be successful at any level of proficiency. The boys are taught early on to set goals, a skill that assist them not only to think about the future but also to focus on today. Our students who go on to college are prepared for studying on their own as well as for dividing up big projects over the course of a semester.

We hope you will consider Prayer Mountain Boys Academy in Georgia even as you search for a Christian boarding school in Idaho. Prayer Mountain is an effective and affordable alternative to other Christian boarding schools for boys in Idaho. Contact us or inquire online today to learn how our personal and experienced care can bring lifelong healing for your teenage boy.

Prayer Mountain Boys Academy is an all-boy Christian boarding school, serving troubled teenage boys with life-controlling issues in Idaho and around the country.

More about Christian Boarding Schools for Boys in Idaho:

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Should you need help finding help for troubled teenagers, traditional schools, homes for troubled girls or troubled girls boarding schools, please let us know. This is a Teen Challenge program dedicated to helping troubled boys get a new start in life. We help troubled teenagers who struggle with behavioral issues such as: anger, defiance, attention deficit, drug or alcohol abuse, trouble with the law, dangerous activities, or disrespect for authority. Our boys ranch is a therapeutic program that offers hope and an opportunity for a new and more productive future for at-risk boys. Teen Challenge therapeutic boarding schools provide behavioral therapy for troubled teens.

Christian Boarding Schools for Boys in Idaho

Christian boarding school for teenage boys in Idaho - Prayer Mountain school for boys, located in Georgia.